Harvard Cider


Meet the Harvard Cider Family. Distinctive ciders crafted for discerning palates. #

Truly Hopped Session Cider – 4.6% ABV

The missing link between cider’s traditional roots and craft beer innovation. Missing Link is a wonderfully aromatic, faintly bitter cider created to blur the lines between our two favorite beverages.

22oz Bottles // 16oz Cans

Paradise #

Cider steeped with Orange Peel & Grains of Paradise – 6.0% ABV

A Belgian cider bearing multifarious aromatics and a peppery finish; Paradise is a distinct encounter for the cider drinker. Steeped with West African grains of paradise (black pepper) alongside California orange peel, you’ve unearthed a cider worthy of its name.

22oz Bottles // 16oz Cans

Anchor #

Balanced New England Cider – 5.4% ABV

Crafted with fresh pressed apples, this is our base and the canvas from which our ciders evolve. This is the anchor to our brand – a balanced, crisp, and off dry take on New England’s tradition of cider.

22oz Bottles // 16oz Cans