Harvard Cider

The Ingredients

Every ounce of Harvard Cider that we produce is freshly pressed from a select blend of locally sourced apples. We craft our ciders carefully using a variety of Belgian and American Style Ale yeast to create a balanced, bold and honest taste reflective of Harvard’s apple heritage.

Our mission to source locally doesn’t stop at location; we have chosen many of our suppliers and partners based on their connections to the town of Harvard and its neighbors. Our Flagship cider Anchor’s first press, done by Leominster based New England Apple Products, will include over six tons of Apples grown by our friends at Community Harvest Project, a Grafton based non-profit that grows their apples on Prospect Hill in Harvard. We encourage you to take a look at how Community Harvest is providing farm fresh, quality foods directly to local shelters. Additionally, other local suppliers like Carlson Orchards have provided us with a wealth of knowledge and window into the booming markets of cider.